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Child Protection
The Child Protection Program at KAFA (CPP) works on combating abuse and violence against children, with a focus on gender-based violence and sexual abuse. By working with children and youth, the CPP is contributing efforts to put an end to violence and discrimination.
The CPP’s action plans are designed to improve prevention and protection measures for children and adolescents, and to create safe environments for them through specialized activities and services by reaching out to different targets groups working closely with children, namely: Parents, caregivers, service providers, and children and adolescents.
Throughout its work, KAFA combines different tools and strategies while always applying a child participatory approach. Its main strategies and approaches include:
- Increasing societal awareness by producing knowledge, research, campaigns, and developing specialized training tool kits and informational and educational material designed for various target groups;
- Strengthening the capacity of service providers in public and private sectors;
- Raising the awareness and building the capacity of local communities;
- Empowering children and youth, by addressing their practices, behaviors and attitudes through recreational activities and awareness-raising tools;
- Advocating for better legislation for the protection of children from violence and abuse and the creation of child-friendly policies and spaces in state institutions;
- Offering legal, social, and psychological support to children and adolescents victims of gender-based violence, family violence, and sexual abuse, through two service-providing centers: The Adolescent-Friendly Space in Bekaa, and the Listening and Counseling Center in Beirut;

The Adolescent-Friendly Space in Bekaa:
Address: Chtaura, Masnaa Main Road, Khaled Shouman Building near Al Mousawi Institution- 2nd floor- Bekaa, Lebanon  
Tel: +961 8 544103

Listening and Counseling Center in Beirut:
Address: 43, Badaro Street, Beydoun Building, 1st Floor- Beirut, Lebanon
Tel/fax: +961 1 392220/1
Protecting children and adolescents from gender-based violence
In response to cases of abuse and violence against children in general, and the increasing torment of refugees in Lebanon in particular, protecting children and adolescents was a priority for both KAFA and UNICEF
من مشاريعنا المُنجزة: الصحّة الجيّدة للجميع- تطوير القدرات والمناصرة حول الحقوق والسياسات الصّحيّة الجنسيّة والإنجابيّة
أتى هذا المشروع في إطار سعي منظّمة "كفى عنف واستغلال" لحماية الأطفال من العنف الجنسيّ، ونشر الوعي حول موضوع الصحّة الجنسيّة والإنجابيّة
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