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Exploitation & Trafficking in Women
The Anti-trafficking and Exploitation Unit at KAFA works on building an opinion against trafficking and exploitation of two groups of women vulnerable to these forms of violence: women migrant domestic workers and women in prostitution.
The Unit also calls for a better legal and social protection for victims and women and girls at risk.
Several approaches are used to reach these objectives, such as: advocacy work, research, awareness-raising activities, capacity building and community support, and service providing to victims.
Stop the exploitation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon
In addressing the critical situation of women migrant domestic workers (MDWs) in Lebanon who are deprived of their basic human rights, this program is designed to build support against violence and exploitation of MDWs, and includes different components
Stop the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women
​Through this program, we aim at fighting the prostitution system, protecting the victims, and increasing civil society's capacity to understand, condemn and mobilize against such abuses of women's human rights. KAFA adopts the abolitionist approach in its fight against prostitution and calls for decriminalizing all prostituted persons and providing exist programs to them, and criminalizing the sex buyers (i.e. the purchase of sexual acts) and the traffickers.
Various approaches and tools are used in this fight, namely research, awareness-raising, advocacy, campaigning with local and international actors such as with CAP International in which KAFA is member, and direct services for victims of prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation.
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