Exploitation and trafficking in women


The Anti-trafficking and Exploitation Unit at KAFA works on building an opinion against trafficking and exploitation of two groups of women vulnerable to these forms of violence: women migrant domestic workers and women in prostitution. 
The Unit also calls for a better legal and social protection for victims and women and girls at risk. 
Several approaches are used to reach these objectives, such as: advocacy work, research, awareness-raising activities, capacity building and community support, and service providing to victims.


KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation organized at UNESCO palace on the 24th of February 2012, a discussion with the former Minister of Labor, Dr. Charbel Nahhas, on KAFA’s new policy paper,“Reforming the Sponsorship System for Migrant Domestic Workers: Towards an Alternative Governance Scheme in Lebanon”. The discussion was attended by national and international civil society organizations, as well as independent activists, journalists and leaders of migrant communities in Lebanon.


Letters sent by WMDW to Decision Makers
Recognize the Domestic Workers’ Union in Lebanon
Reforming the Sponsorship System for WMDW