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I am Manini. When first asked about my age here in Lebanon, I said that I do not know because I feared deportation if someone found out I was young.

My name is Mahi; I am 22 years old, and I am from Ethiopia. I came to Lebanon in 2017 to work as a domestic worker because I wanted to save some money to continue my education.

My name is Oro, (name changed) I am 28 years old and a mother of two. In my home in Ethiopia, I used to hear of many Ethiopian women who would travel to Lebanon for work to support their families. Like them, I also wanted to provide for my children, to pay for their school fees, and to buy them clothes and shoes.
Despite the struggles Ahmad faced as a refugee in Lebanon, he was able to fulfill some of his ambitions.
On the occasion of Workers Day this year, this is a short and simple call to pay the woman who cleans your house a little more than you did last year.
Rouna immigrated with her family to Lebanon 8 years ago, but she didn’t get the chance to continue her education.

Throughout her five months of domestic servitude, Tina was subjected to various forms of physical and psychological violence including detention, degrading treatment, humiliation, shouting and beating.